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    Golf Shorts 101

    A good pair of golf shorts can make your experience on the course much smoother. Innovations from manufacturers like Adidas, Puma, Callaway, Etonic, and more can keep you cool, protect you from the elements, and give you unrestricted motion. Moisture blocking materials in golf shorts can keep you drier on the fairway by pulling sweat away from the body. They can also help block UV rays harmful to your skin. Finally, golf shirts are constructed with materials that allow free range of motion. These allow you to putt, drive, and swing without tugging or tightness.

    Why Golf Shorts?

    The Right Golf Equipment: Golf Shorts

    Golf Shorts for men and womenGolf is a sport where the right equipment and apparel make a big difference. The wrong club, the wrong ball, and even the wrong golf clothes can have an impact on your game. Even something as seemingly simple as golf shorts can assist or detract from your game. Whether this piece of essential apparel will help or hurt your game is up to you.

    Naturally, golf shorts are going to be used in warmer to hot weather. Beyond that, they are very different in what they can offer compared to casual non-golf-specific shorts. Golf apparel manufacturers have created sport-specific innovations for both men's golf shorts and women's golf shorts. These are designed to support you in multiple ways that are useful but can often be overlooked.

    3 Key Considerations For Golf Shorts

    Beyond style, there are three primary areas to consider when selecting golf shorts. One, of course, is fabrics that help keep you cool on warmer days, specifically during exertion. A second yet vital consideration is a design that gives you complete freedom of movement, especially while in your swinging motion. Third, don't forget utility and durability. You want shorts that wear well through multiple golf outings and can handle everything from a competitive 18 rounds to a visit from unexpected weather. Here are a few examples of the different brands and features that satisfy these requirements.

    Comfort On Warmer Days

    Besides stretch and flexibility, a quality pair of golf shorts should help you manage the heat. With the sun beating down on you on the fairway, you do not want to be distracted by shorts that have become a sweat sponge. You want fabrics that whisk sweat and heat off of the legs. These keep you drier longer, making your golf outing that much more enjoyable. Puma's Golf Jackpot Short offers a material that pulls sweat away from your legs and seat. Nike Golf shorts also feature a similar sweat management technology.

    Also, beyond just heat, think about the impact of UV rays while you are outdoors. Some golf shorts feature fabrics designed to help keep these rays out. A great pair of golf shorts with this benefit is the Puma Golf Tech Short, which offers this feature.

    Freedom of Movement

    Beyond just temperature and sun exposure, golf shorts should allow a fluid range of motion. When you bring your leg back for a drive, you do not ever want to feel your shorts constricting your movement. Practical golf shorts have stretchable fabrics that seamlessly move with you.

    The primary name brand golf apparel manufacturers offer this in their shorts. In fact, they are designed for this specifically. In comparison, casual shorts may look similar but do not have the multi-directional stretchability you need. A practical example is the Jack Nicklaus Golf Horizontal Texture Shorts.

    Golf shorts designed with the golfer in mind are constructed around the principle of helping your golf game. They are going to move in multiple directions with you as you drive, putt and swing. What they won't do is distract you by tugging against you. In fact, you should not notice them at all as you focus on your game.

    Utility And Durability

    If you are in an area where Mother Nature is very likely to make an appearance, then look for shorts that are designed for this contingent. An example is some of the Adidas golf shorts. The Adidas Golf Go-To Five Pocket Short is treated with a coating that helps keep out water. This is ideal if you want to keep playing through a light sprinkle without soggy water-logged shorts.

    Customer Reviews

    By Joel
    Rock City Falls, NY
    August 28th, 2021
    Premium golf shorts for a not so premium price :)
    This is my second pair of Etonic Performance Core shorts and I like these Etonic shorts as much if not more than my premium Ping, Adidas or Nike shorts. And they look as nice and the price was better than all of them. All day comfort, true to size, sticky logos inside the waistband like other premium shorts to help keep them in place. What more could you want?
    By Ron K.
    Philadelphia, PA
    August 12th, 2021
    Great Fit
    I like Puma golf clothing in general as it is fairly priced and of good quality. I have other golf shorts from them but this pair of X Short fits and looks the best. It is a bit shorter in length and more fitted, which I prefer. Also the very light gray color is a little different and goes with everything.
    By T
    Baldwin, Pennsylvania
    June 12th, 2021
    Loudmouth are the best golf shorts around. Long, do not shrink, always will stand out. Exceptional quality
    By dale
    cape cod
    May 10th, 2021
    Ridiculous price for great quality shorts.
    These Etonic Performance Core shorts are as good as any other golf shorts I've owned and the super low price I got them for makes me wonder why I would ever pay the super high prices of other brands. They fit true to size. The color is great. They have the grippy style inner waist band. And, they look great. I am very happy with them and may just grab another pair... Super low price at RBG for great quality shorts.
    By Dread
    Goodyear, AZ
    May 1st, 2021
    Comfortable shorts
    Very comfortable shorts. This is my fourth pair of Oakley’s golf shorts that I’ve owned. Great price from RBG too!
    By Eric K.
    April 15th, 2021
    Best value/comfort
    I've purchased many brands of golf shorts and these Etonic shorts are 2nd to none but are half the price. I just wish they had more colors because I would buy them all! Trust me, try these out.