Golf Apparel

Golf Apparel

Why Golf Apparel?

The right golf apparel is essential to comfort and performance on the course. Golf shirts, pants, shorts, and golf tops keep you dry on every shot with features like moisture-wicking fabrics. Our selection of name-brand golf outerwear and hats help shield you from the elements. Accordingly, our incredible golf apparel pricing guarantees you outfitted for all 18 holes without leaving your wallet bare.

Golf Apparel FAQ

On cooler days, what golf apparel should I wear?

golf apparel imageMultiple layers of clothing that you can take off easily would be a good choice on cooler days. That way, you don't get overheated as you exert yourself.

How do I dress for golf in cooler conditions without restricting my swing?

Make sure your golf apparel is designed with freedom of movement so that you can swing and move freely on the golf course.

What are important considerations when buying golf shorts or pants?

Moisture-wicking fabric and freedom of movement are significant considerations when purchasing golf pants and shorts.

Why are moisture-wicking fabrics an essential feature of golf apparel?

When you exert yourself on the golf course, perspiration can make you feel uncomfortable. Moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep your skin dry for a more extended time. Under Armour's Golf Showdown Vented Pant has moisture-wicking fabric to help you play comfortably for all 18 holes.

Why is UV protection a valuable feature for a golf shirt?

On a bright sunny day, you might be on a course for hours. Extra UV protection can give your skin a barrier against the sun's rays which can do damage. A great product that offers this feature is the Etonic Golf Performance Polo, which is made with extra UV protection materials.

Do golf courses have dress codes?

Some golf courses do have dress requirements, and you should access these on their online sites before you go.

What are some golf apparel options recommended for rainy climates?

A rain suit is an excellent accessory to have at your disposal, especially if you're in a climate where light sprinkles are regular. The Ray Cook Waterproof Rain Suit is a perfect example of a product that can keep you dry on those days when the course is a little wet, and you want to keep going.

What is a helpful feature in golf socks that can help you on the course?

As with any good golf apparel, the socks you wear during play should help keep you dry and comfortable. FootJoy's ProDry Low Cut Socks are made with moisture control fabric with extreme comfort in mind.

Why is a moisture-wicking headband necessary when buying golf hats or visors?

A moisture-wicking headband is essential to keep sweat out of your eyes, especially on a hot day. This is an excellent feature for golf hats or visors to have so that you don't have to worry about perspiration in your eyes. A great example of this is the TaylorMade Golf Tour Radar Hat which has this feature.

What is a useful and practical feature of a golf jacket?

Removable sleeves are a convenient feature to have. This allows you to increase mobility in the arms and shoulders while keeping your torso warm and dry. A great product with this feature is the FootJoy Golf Hydrolite Zip-Off Sleeves Rain Jacket.

Customer Reviews

By Steve
October 11th, 2021
Great Golf Polo!
This Callaway golf polo feels great and is very light and breathable for warmer days golfing. It fits very nicely and runs true to its size. The texture stripe pattern looks great as well. Overall a very nice polo
By Danny F.
October 6th, 2021
Cozy Oakley Fleece Full Zip Sweatshirt
My wife and I had been searching for a nice fleece full zip sweatshirt to pair with our fleece sweatpants. Rock Bottom Golf came through for us. This fleece sweatshirt is just what we were searching for. It has a nice fit - not too loose and not too tight and was priced very reasonably.
By Judy O.
West Warwick, RI
August 28th, 2021
Under Armour Golf Pants
UA golf show down pants are the most comfortable and cool pants. Not to mention the terrific price offered. Strongly suggest purchasing this item! My husband & son love them!
By Joel
Rock City Falls, NY
August 28th, 2021
Clean, simple, quality shirt at a great price.
This is a basic but quality polo. Materials are great and fit is true to size. Etonic logo on the sleeve is the only embellishment, so if you like flashy, this is not your shirt. I like to use these to embroider my company logo and give them away. Price is right too. The only thing I don't love about this shirt is the label on the inside back of the neck area. You can see it in the photos. That is actually a very plasticy feeling label that is fused to the shirt. I actually thought it was a sticker I needed to remove, but I couldn't get it off, so I'm assuming they heat welded it on. I can imagine that this could be annoying on your neck if you don't have an under shirt, so I'm mentioning it in case it helps anyone who would absolutely hate that. I always wear an undershirt under my polos, so it's not a big issue for me. Other than that small nit pick, it's a nice simple and quality shirt at a great price. That's it...
By Daryl
September 22nd, 2021
Great Golf Shirt
I purchased this shirt to update my wardrobe. Here in Houston the heat and humidity is never a good thing for people and clothes. This shirt has U-V protection to keep me a bit cooler and to keep the color from fading. Nothing really wicks away moisture in the sauna that is Houston, but when I go to PHX or Vegas the wicking works as it is designed. I wash this in cold water and dry it in the dryer on low setting. The fit is true.