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    Golf Putters

    Golf Putters 101

    Choosing the right golf putter is essential to success on the green. A good putter can complement your natural putting motion to sink more shots. Our selection of golf equipment from elite brands like Taylormade, Ray Cook, Cleveland, Odyssey, and more will ensure you have a reliable club on every swing. Additionally, our competitive pricing and low price guarantee will help make sure you get a great price! And that is a hole-in-one for any serious golfer.

    A Few Of Our Favorite Golf Putters For 2021

    TaylorMade Spider EX Putters

    TaylorMade Golf has a new Spider EX Putter for 2021! This putter is designed with better stability and feel with an easy aim, True Path™, 3 dot system. With an updated Pure Roll™ face golfers like you can achieve better topspin and roll. Sink more shots with the new TaylorMade Spider EX putters!
    Check them out here!

    Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters

    These premium putters from Scotty Cameron are designed with the classic shapes the tour pros love to use themselves. They are well balanced and constructed out of solid stainless steel that was milled in the United States. The Scotty Cameron Special Select Putters also come in a range of neck configurations and top-line profiles so you can pick the perfect Special Select putter for you and your game.
    Get a look at them here!

    Cleveland Golf Frontline Putters

    Cleveland Golf is focused on creating the right putter for every player, and their Frontline Putter series is no different. The Frontline Putters come in a wide range of shapes and hosel configurations to fit your specific putting game and style. One more tool in your bag that will help you sink more putts with better alignment and distance control.
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    Golf Putter FAQ

    What are the different types of putter heads?

    Golf Putters for men and womenThe two basic types of putter heads are blade and mallet, which are classified according to their shape.

    What is an advantage of a mallet-style putter?

    The more oversized mallet-style putter helps add stability to your putt. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft #11 Putter offers strategic weight distribution through the mallet-shaped head for a larger sweet spot to help you sink more putts.

    What is a major advantage of a face-balanced putter?

    A face-balanced putter has less rotation making it ideal for a straightforward putting style. The Cleveland Frontline ISO Single Bend Putter is forward weighted to deliver a clean straight putt.

    What are the advantages of a blade putter?

    A blade putter offers more precision than a mallet putter. They are better suited for the more advanced golfer.

    What putter has the largest strike area or sweet spot?

    The mallet putter has the most striking area on the clubface, which offers an optimal shot.

    What is a critical thing to consider when selecting a putter?

    Make sure the putter matches your playing style and is the correct length for your height.

    Customer Reviews

    By Fred
    Vallejo California
    November 26th, 2021
    May be the best putter I've ever bought.
    I have putters from the 1940's to the present and this Tour Edge Bazooka putter became my immediate favorite. It hits the ball exactly where I'm aiming. Great price. The only thing that bothers me is the large grip, but that might be just me. I'm making more short putts and some longer ones that supprised me. FRED
    By Chad
    November 10th, 2021
    Excellent Putter
    Glad Odyssey decides to bring the DFX 2-Ball Putter back. The DFX black version is great to fight sun glare and 2 ball putters seem to never go away or disappoint. Excellent feel and roll.
    By Joel R.
    Elkhart Lake,WI
    November 7th, 2021
    Super Easy to line up.
    Love everything about this TaylorMade Spider S putter but for me I need a 10 degree toe hang. Did everything to make it work but have 2 putters and the other one just goes in the hole even though I like the looks better on this putter.
    By Paul
    Citrus Hills, FL
    October 30th, 2021
    A new technology that makes sense
    Now that I have had the Cleveland Frontline 8.0 in my bag for dozen rounds, I can honestly say it is the real deal. I’ve been a fan of StrokeLab since it was introduced and while it is a great putter, distance control was an occasional issue for me. The distance control and feel is better with the Frontline 8.0.
    By GDN
    Jacksonville, Florida
    October 24th, 2021
    The Wingman WORKS!!
    I have looked at almost all of the Spyder putters to replace my "YES Stephany" Putter and the Wingman is the One.. Good price and super performance.. Quality build, great performance at a reasonable price..
    By Clifford I.
    Ontario, CA
    October 9th, 2021
    very good look and with balance
    This Odyssey White Hot putter is more refined than the older model. Harder to swing offline. So far I'm very happy with the performance of this putter.