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    Types of Golf Club WedgesSituations arise on the course where golf wedges are the best choice for the ideal shot. Sand wedges are essential when you find yourself in a bunker and need a high loft. When even a higher trajectory is required, lob wedges will prove to be indispensable. For distances between the sand wedge and pitching wedge, gap wedges are the perfect option. Finally, the pitching wedge is ideal for those shots close to the green where you have to transition from the fairway. Wedges, like drivers and putters, are essential for any serious golfer.

    Golf Wedge FAQ

    Are there are different types of wedges you can use?

    Golf WedgesYes, there are multiple types of wedges designed for special situations on the golf course. And golf wedges typically have the shortest shafts and highest lofts compared to irons.

    What are the four main types of wedges?

    Wedges are a subset of irons used on shorter shots to the green. The four main types of wedges are the pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and gap wedge. The sand wedge was the first golf club to be labeled as a wedge. However, most modern wedges aren’t labeled with the wedge types listed above and are only labeled with their loft and bounce angle instead.

    What is a significant difference between the different types of wedges?

    Two significant differences between the four wedges are the loft angle and the shaft length. The various wedge loft angles and bounce profiles are designed for all the different situations you can face during your critical short game shots.

    What is a sand wedge, and how is it used?

    As the name might imply, the sand wedge is designed to get you out of the dreaded sand bunkers on the golf course or other soft lies. The sand wedge has around a 56-degree loft and a higher degree of bounce compared to a gap wedge.

    What is a pitching wedge, and how is it used?

    A pitching wedge is used to loft the ball in a short high trajectory. It is used on the far outskirts of the green, usually for shorter distances not suited for an iron. The clubface sits at around 48-degrees, and it is the lowest lofted wedge with little to no bounce.

    What is a gap wedge, and how is it used?

    The gap wedge is designed to be used in distances between 50 to 100 yards. This makes it ideal as the right club for distances between the sand wedge and pitching wedge. A gap wedge has a loft angle of around 52 degrees with a moderate amount of bounce.

    What is a lob wedge, and how is it used?

    The lob wedge is used to hit over an obstacle or bunker at a sharp or high angle. A lob wedge is the highest lofted wedge and sits at around a 60-degree angle. The lob wedge is typically the highest lofted club in a set, as well.

    What is the cost of a golf wedge?

    Our golf wedges run from around $50 upwards to about $200 on average.

    Do you have to carry all four wedges in your golf bag?

    Some golfers may not have all four wedges. However, keep in mind that the different wedges are designed to get you out of certain situations that could otherwise cost you strokes. Many golfers will sacrifice some irons or even higher-numbered woods to fit more wedge options into a regulation 14 limit club set. Not having the right wedge could put you in a position where you cannot make an essential short game shot.

    Customer Reviews

    By Jonathan
    Columbus, OH
    September 7th, 2021
    Nice Wedges
    I got the 54 60 degree wedges to replace an older set of Cleveland wedges. Not much difference so not difficult to settle right in with distance and feel.
    By Jerry B.
    August 28th, 2021
    At least a 5 star rating
    Thank you Rock Bottom I recieved my club days before you said I should. I credit that to your quick response to filling your orders. The Cleveland CBX II 56 I can not rate it high enough , it is awsome...... Thank you so much it's great doing business with you all again.
    By Dave
    Mocksville, NC
    August 17th, 2021
    Ray Cook Golf - Blue Goose Black Wedge
    I like Ray Cook equipment. I have 2 Ray Cook putters so I decided to try a Ray Cook wedge. Love the black finish as well as the full face grooves. Plenty of spin. Well pleased with performance, especially for the price.
    By Matthew
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    August 11th, 2021
    Easy to hit
    I bought two of the Cleveland CBX 2, 56 and 52. These are great clubs. Feel is great and they are easy to hit. I would recommend. The only issue I had was the 52 gap was going just as long as my PW and 56 was as long as I would have expected my Gap to go. Kinda messed with the Gapping in my wedge yardages.
    By Jason
    Elgin, Oklahoma
    August 2nd, 2021
    SM8 - Another winner!
    I have used Vokey wedges for years. A couple years ago, I won a couple MD3 wedges. I tried them out and while they were good, they just weren’t as good as my old SM5 and SM6. I upgraded to a 3 wedge setup and got 2 SM7s, 52.08 F and 56.08 M. I still had an MD3 60.08 C, so this one, I went with a SM8 60.04 L. The lower bounce and sharper leading edge have taken some time to get used to, but it is awesome after a couple rounds. It would have been easier on me with a SM8 60.08 M since it was close to my MD3 bounce, but after working with the SM8, I can do things with this club I couldn’t with the MD3. Where I see the biggest difference, I can control the spin much better or should I say more consistently.
    By Brian
    North Myrtle Beach
    July 26th, 2021
    Ray Cook Blue Goose Wedges
    These clubs, from the very first hit, were giving me the perfect arc and distance, to place the ball on the green. I wish they made a 64 degree wedge. Excellent clubs, weighted perfectly and easy to hit.
    By William C.
    Baltimore, MD
    July 16th, 2021
    Perfect wedge for what I needed
    I chose this Callaway CB wedge for the longer rough and heavier sand at my course. The sole of this club is great for getting the ball out of the rough and stopping it on the green. The grooves extend completely across the club face making mishits stop quickly as well. The CB wedge also gets thru the sand nicely.