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    Golf Club Hybrids

    Hybrid Golf Club Basics

    Golf Club HybridsGolf club hybrids offer an ideal fusion of the power of fairway woods with the loft and precision on an iron. Innovations like a bigger clubface provide more surface area to make solid contact with the ball, offering more forgiveness than an iron. In addition, the loft of hybrids matches that of irons making them ideal for replacing long irons which are generally harder to hit. Take your game to the next level with new or pre-owned hybrids by TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, and Cleveland.

    Hybrid FAQ

    What is a hybrid club?

    golf hybrid FAQ imageHybrids are clubs that combine features of both woods and irons, giving them many of the benefits of both.

    What are the advantages of a hybrid club?

    Because of their versatile design, hybrids offer two essential elements. One, they can provide precision like an iron. Second, they can give you more distance than an iron, in many ways rivaling that of fairway woods. An example is the Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Hybrid offering both distance and accuracy.

    What is one reason some golfers think a hybrid is easier to hit than a standard iron?

    Hybrids are built with a more prominent clubface like a fairway wood. This offers more surface area in which to strike the ball during a swing.

    How does the design of a hybrid contribute to its performance and versatility?

    Hybrids are designed with a similar length, loft and weight of an iron while offering a head and face similar to that of a fairway wood, making the club easier to hit like a fairway wood while offering the loft and control of an iron.

    What are some keys to getting the most out of your hybrid during the swing?

    Hybrids were designed to be substituted for irons in terms of loft. Therefore, emulate the same swinging motion you would with an iron versus a wood.

    What is an example of a situation on the course where a hybrid would be ideal?

    When you are on the fairway approaching the green, the distance is not appropriate for a wedge or iron. The power and accuracy of a hybrid are ideal here. Hybrids are also helpful for punching out of tight lies.

    What is the cost range of name-brand hybrid clubs?

    While the costs vary for different hybrids, many name-brand versions fall between $100 to $300. An example is the Callaway Golf Apex Pro 21 Hybrid which is priced in the high 200s.

    Customer Reviews

    By Colton
    hilton, New York
    September 1st, 2021
    Great hybrid
    Been struggling with my longer irons so decided to go with a 7 hybrid for 160ish to 180 yd shots. Works like a charm so easy to hit and get up in the air and Great control on those par 3 greens.
    By Daniel J.
    August 31st, 2021
    Must have item in your bag
    I brought these last week. Fast shipping…received in time to play 18 with them last weekend. I brought the 5 and 6 hybrid to replace my 5 and 6 iron. Immediately dropped 10 strokes off my score. Provided consistency on approach shots to the green. Easy to hit and launches the ball high and lands soft. Held every green I aimed for. By far the best golf purchase for me this year….looking to sell my 2,3,4 callaway apex 19 hybrids and replace with these.
    By Michael
    Dunedin, FL
    August 4th, 2021
    Love the Callaway hyrid
    Purchased a 30 degree Callaway to fill in a yardage gap and am more consistent with the hybrid. I was not disapointed. Been doing business in RBG for 8 years and they always deliver on time. The club was all that I expected very easy to hit and I love the callaway feel.
    By BTR
    August 2nd, 2021
    Love this Hybrid
    I had always had trouble hitting my hybrid. Some times great some times not great. But this club is a lot more forgiving.
    By Jeff
    July 21st, 2021
    2019 Big Bertha 4 & 5 hybrids
    The 2019 Big Bertha 4 & 5 hybrid heads with senior flex UST Recoil shafts are a winning combination. The 60 gram low kick-point shafts are terrific. Without over-swinging I can easily launch the ball high, straight and with very good distance. Both clubs are fantastic off the tee or from the fairway and rough. My driver club head speed is between 82 - 85 mph. Tee’d up I get about 185 yards with the 4 hybrid and 175 yards with the five hybrid. As a bonus the hybrids have loft and lie angle adjustments if needed. Very pleased with my purchase and great discount pricing from RBG.
    By LisaB
    July 20th, 2021
    Just. Perfect.
    This was my first time ordering online and through this company. I scored an amazing deal on my new hybrid and had a great purchase experience.