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    Golf GPS Watches

    Using Golf GPS Watches Can Help You Navigate Any Course

    Golf GPS WatchesThe right decisions come from the right information. The golf course is no exception. Knowing the distance to the green can make the difference between an extra stroke or victory. Using highly calibrated technology, such as golf GPS watches can help you navigate and adjust to the nuances of any course.

    Not knowing the precise distances on the fairway can easily be the difference in choosing the wrong club or making a shot. Leave nothing to chance by deploying the best golf GPS watches on the market. Our robust selection includes multiple styles of Garmin Golf GPS watches. At Rock Bottom Golf, we offer state of the art mapping technology right on your wrist.

    Golf GPS Watch FAQ

    Does a golf GPS watch offer the same level of accuracy as a golf rangefinder?

    Golf GPS WatchesNo, while a golf GPS is accurate, golf rangefinders tend to be more precise.

    What is one significant benefit of a golf GPS watch?

    A golf GPS watch gives you an accurate distance to the green, so you do not have to depend on a raw estimation.

    What is one way a golf GPS watch can help me improve my golf game?

    By knowing precise distances to the green, you can make choices on the fairway without miscalculating which club to use.

    What is the approximate cost range of a golf GPS watch?

    On average, golf watches start in the low hundreds and go upward of around $800 with multiple different priced models in between.

    What is an example of a basic model golf GPS watch?

    The Izzo Golf Swami GPS Watch is a beginner model priced in the low hundreds. This simple watch comes loaded with over 30,000 golf courses and can reliably tell you the distance to the hole.

    What is an example of a premium golf GPS watch?

    The Garmin Golf Fenix 6S Pro Solar GPS watch includes a base model's functionality but with additional features that include a solar charging battery, wrist-based heart monitor, activity profiles for multiple sports, and tons of other features.

    What is an example of a basic feature of a golf GPS watch?

    A practical but basic feature is the ability to get distances while you are on the golf course to the corresponding green.

    What is auto-course recognition?

    Auto course recognition is a feature that allows your watch to locate the course and hole you are playing on immediately.

    How does a golf GPS know the distances on specific golf courses?

    A typical golf GPS watch has thousands of courses preloaded into the watch for your access.

    How does a golf GPS watch know my precise location?

    Golf GPS watches use satellite technology to pinpoint your location.

    What is one simple tip you want to do before you plan to use your GPS watch?

    Make sure your watch is fully charged before golfing.

    Customer Reviews

    By Golfkat
    Buffalo, NY
    September 22nd, 2021
    Awesome item
    This golf gps and exercise watch is ithe best, much better than Garmin and Golf Buddy. It is more user friendly, better looking, and not bulky as it also makes for a good all day non golf watch wear experience.
    By Bob
    Scranton PA Area
    December 10th, 2021
    Looking to Spring
    Unfortunately, We have snow in Northeastern PA. So I will be waiting to try my GPS Watch until April. But I have confident in Bushnell but, more importantly, with Rock Creek. Excellent Customer Service.
    By Kenny G.
    Chicago heights
    August 27th, 2020
    Pin seeker
    After my golfbuddy 4 took a dump I was in the market for a new gps watch. I purchased the swami and it is very easy to use. The price was right also. I had just seen a guy with a garmin watch identical to it. Super simple to operate
    By Russ
    August 27th, 2020
    Garmin S10 GPS watch
    This watch is light and works great here up in the north country. No problems with the shipment. HR rocks
    By Chris S.
    Las Vegas, NV
    July 27th, 2020
    Simple and Easy to use
    Easiest GPS watch i've ever used. Courses are already pre-loaded and ready to go. Gives exactly what you need for yardage and will keep score automatically. Can even change score later which is nice feature.