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    Golf GPS Units

    What is a Golf GPS Unit?

    Golf GPS units are the perfect tool to enhance your game. Armed with accurate distance information from a golf GPS, you can make better decisions on which club to use. Brands like Garmin, Bushnell, Golf Buddy and SkyCaddie give you reliability and quality to get you through the course. Our incredible pricing guarantees that you will not overpay for this indispensable golf technology.

    Golf GPS Units FAQ

    What is one of the key advantages of a golf GPS?

    Golf GPSOne major advantage of a golf GPS is that it can provide you distances to the hole from your location on the course.

    Will a Golf GPS lead to better scores?

    While a GPS does not promise you will lower your score, it can help. It provides information to help you make better decisions on which club to use.

    What are some standard golf GPS devices?

    One of the most common devices is the golf GPS watch. This is not the only one. Some GPS electronic devices also come with clips or mounts. This allows you to put them on everything from your belt, bag, or even your cart. You can also get tracking tags that attach to your clubs. Additionally, there are voice units that allow you to access information in this convenient format. On the higher end, there is even a GPS golf caddy with a touchscreen.

    What are golf GPS tracking tags?

    Tracking tags attach to your clubs. They use impact sensors and GPS technology to help you track your strokes in real-time, right on your smartphone or smartwatch. Coupled with a proprietary app, they provide a myriad of information, including distances, strategy tips, and more.

    What are some more advanced features of golf GPS devices or watches?

    Some GPS units offer a bevy of premium features in addition to essential golf information. Some units like the Garmin Golf Fenix 6S Pro Solar GPS Watch offer scores of unique features. These include things like solar charging lenses, a heart rate monitor, and advanced performance metrics for multiple sports.

    How do I know if my course will be loaded onto my golf GPS?

    Some models have as many as 41,000 golf courses loaded on them already. You of course, always have the option of calling the manufacturer to ensure that golf courses near you are loaded on the devices you are interested in purchasing.

    How is a rangefinder different from a golf GPS?

    GPS devices are versatile and convenient as they come in many different forms such as a watch or tags hooked to your golf clubs. However they generally are not as accurate as a rangefinder. Rangefinders are handheld devices that can give you pinpoint accuracy of your distance to the hole on the course when in view of the flag. They can also be used on any course, whether the manufacturer has mapped it or not.

    What are the price ranges of golf GPS devices?

    We offer golf GPS units for just about any budget. Some range from around one hundred dollars for a simple golf GPS to a GPS golf caddy that costs well over a thousand dollars.

    Customer Reviews

    By Nakanaka
    August 28th, 2021
    GB Voice 2 GPS
    This is a great price for a very good voice GPS. I'm not one for reading instructions but this has more features than my previous GolfBuddy. It tells time ( you need to be on a golf course for it to work or set) , you can download a golf buddy program to add countries for their golf courses, & you can change the voice to a male instead of female.
    By frank
    cudahy, Wisconsin
    August 1st, 2021
    Nice gps
    I've used Garmin for a long time. Thought I'd try skycaddie. Very nice unit a little slower then my Garmin were. Great screen and a lot of info. Takes some getting use to
    By Rich
    April 10th, 2021
    Golf Swami 6000 is the best
    My golf Swami 6000 is great. I find the yardage to the hazards is especially useful. Also, it has always found the course that I'm playing and I've played on some pretty obscure and out of the way courses. Battery lasts at least two rounds which is much better than the GPS watches
    By Will
    April 2nd, 2021
    Great GPS
    Love this G80, especially with the recent price reduction. Much better than my golfing buddy’s G30. Paired this with a caddy buddy and it’s been a great time saver in the cart! Works great with the Garmin Golf app and easily transfers scorecards and updates maps. I’ve only had the chance to use the radar options twice and those seem ok. Looking forward to using these features more in the near future as the weather warms up. Quality, maps, transfers to Garmin app, screen size, accuracy of yardages, ability to get layup or specific point yardages, easy to see in all lighting conditions, price drop
    By Jerry
    March 25th, 2021
    Handy Voice Caddy vc200
    Very convenient way to get center of the green measurements without taking time to look down at a GPS watch or use a rangefinder. While I still use a rangefinder to measure some back or front pins as well as water distances, I find I am using the voice caddy 80% of the time as it is much quicker. It has limitations but great addition at the rockbottom price.