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    Golf Rangefinders

    Why Use Rangefinders?

    How can you make the right shot if you don’t know the correct distance to the hole? Our extensive selection of rangefinders will ensure you have exact distances on the fairway. With better information, you can make more informed decisions on which club to use. Our selection of name-brand rangefinders for golf like Bushnell, Garmin, Golf Buddy, and more ensures quality and reliability on every hole.

    Golf Rangefinders FAQ

    What is a principal advantage of a golf range finder?

    Golf RangefindersThey allow the golfer to know the precise distances to the hole from where they are on the golf course.

    What are some other advantages of golf rangefinders?

    Golf rangefinders also enable you to find the actual distance to hazards or trees on the course.

    How does knowing the distance to the hole or hazards using a golf Rangefinder translate into better golf?

    Using information from the golf rangefinder, you can make better decisions about what clubs to use, knowing the exact distances of how far the ball has to go and what to look out for.

    How precise is the information from a golf rangefinder?

    Golf rangefinders offer a high level of accuracy. They can measure the distance down to a few yards or less.

    What is the cost range of golf rangefinders?

    Golf rangefinders start in the low hundreds and go up to approximately $600 or 700 dollars. The approximate median price is about $300 to 400 dollars for the average rangefinder.

    What is an example of a simple base model golf rangefinder?

    The Precision Pro Golf- NX2 Rangefinder is a simple model priced under $200. The Precision Pro Golf- NX2 Rangefinder offers surprisingly robust features at a low price point. The device is also compact and easy to carry.

    What are some advanced features present on a more expensive rangefinder?

    The Voice Caddie Golf- SL2 Active Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder is an example of a more expensive and feature-intensive golf rangefinder. In addition to the base functionality of less expensive models, it offers additional features. This includes things like a color touch screen, two-color OLED for low light situations, and a continuous scan mode, to name a few.

    Are golf rangefinders easy to use?

    Many golf rangefinders are very simple to use, requiring a simple process of aiming the device in the given direction and getting a distance reading. Often it's aimed at the pin flag but it can be aimed at almost anything to determine the distance to that object.

    What is the basic science behind a rangefinder?

    A golf rangefinder uses a laser to calculate the distance from your position to whatever you're pointing at, most often the green.

    Customer Reviews

    By Wayne
    Endicott NY
    August 16th, 2021
    Great Rangefinder
    The Blue Tees Golf 3 S3Max Rangefinder is much better than my previous one. The LED lighting is fantastic. I had slope on my previous rangefinder, but it took too long to lock in and sometimes wouldn't lock at all. Blue Tees is great to use and I thought the price reasonable as well. I recommend it highly.
    By Bob C.
    East Bay, CA
    July 15th, 2021
    I have the Bushnell Slope rangefinder that I have used for three years and final got this Nikon Coolshot 50i Laser Rangefinder. I believe it has a sharper screen and is easier on my eye, clear and easy to hold. In other words this rangefinder is a keeper. Small and compact, easy to hold, magnetic and easy to access pouch.
    By Dan
    Brea, CA
    June 29th, 2021
    All the tech in one device
    Love the interface and all the capabilities of the Garmin Approach Z82 Rangefinder. Set up was easy and using it on course was pretty smooth as well. Hoping for a software update to track more stats esp something like shots gained. Great maps of each hole. Quickly finds target
    By Ramsey
    Norfolk, NE
    June 28th, 2021
    Very Solid Rangefinder
    I lost my Bushnell Tour v4 and needed something quick but didn’t want to pay 400. This is a great rangefinder at a cheaper price. Vibrates when locked on the flag. Accurate as well, compared it to a buddies Bushnell and was getting the same yardage.
    By Mike F.
    Grapevine Tx
    June 21st, 2021
    really like this product
    A friend told me about his Blue Tees Series 3 one so I got my wife to buy me one for Fathers day from Rock Bottom .I used it twice this weekend and is very easy to focus and lock in plus the magnetic side make it easy to mount on the cart. The fact I can turn off the slope is a great feature. great all around range finder with the price to match.
    By Bud E.
    June 14th, 2021
    Good Choice
    My first rangefinder, so after reading a lot of reviews I decided on the Precision Pro NX9 Slope Rangefinder,and am glad I did. Gets the same readings as all my partners on course. Easy to use and slope or no slope reading is a nice option. Quick reads, Flag lock vibration, Built in magnet