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Master Bathroom Sink Ideas for 2020

Thinking about upgrading your master bath sink vanity? Where do you begin? Choosing the right master bathroom sink can be a tough decision, but we are here to help!

Handyman Connection offers expert home plumbing services and can help install any style sink for your master bathroom. If you need help deciding, here are a few sink ideas to consider that just might make you fall in love with your master bathroom all over again. 

Top Master Bathroom Sink Ideas and Tips for Choosing One

1. Freestanding Sinks

Taking up very little room, freestanding or pedestal sinks are very stylish. If your master bathroom is short on space, a freestanding sink may be the perfect option to open the room up. 

The only downside is that freestanding sinks do not offer the storage space that a traditional vanity does. Only choose this sink for your master bathroom if you have enough storage space without an under-cabinet vanity.

2. Trough-Style with Two Faucets

Did you know that trough-style sinks offer a luxurious, open feel in modern bathrooms? Combined with the clean lines of an open-concept shower and freestanding soaking tub, a trough-style sink is a great idea for those looking to achieve a spa-like feel in their master bathrooms.

If you’re looking to maximize your bathroom’s counter space area, this may not be the sink for you.

3. Bucket Sinks

Bucket sinks are wall-mounted sinks designed to replicate the old-timey feel of the sinks in the early 20th century. Why do these sinks look great? They are often fitted with matte black or brass faucet fixtures and can pull off the look in any modern or black-and-white bathrooms. They also offer more of a country-style vibe than other modern options. 

However, like the traditional pedestal sinks, only choose this master bathroom sink idea if you have enough storage in other places. These sinks do not have under-cabinet storage space. 

4. Square Undermount Sinks 

Square under-mount sinks are a rectangular twist on traditional circular vanity sinks. These sinks sit below the level of your counter and are a great master bathroom sink option for those looking for maximum counter space with a bit of stylish flair. 

You really can’t go wrong with a square under-mount sink. This design looks great combined with a number of mirrors, countertop, and top options. Besides that, these sinks also offer the under-cabinet storage space that other modern sinks do not. 

5. Vessel Sinks

Finally, vessel sinks are some of the most popular modern master bathroom sink ideas of 2020. Made from a variety of materials including ceramic, stone, and metal, vessel sinks simply consist of a bowl basin attached to a vanity cabinet. They can be doubled up across one large vanity surface, or placed atop two separate vanity cabinets for a “his and hers” setup. 

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