Left Handed Golf Clubs

Left Handed Golf Clubs

Left Handed Golf Clubs 101

Never let a lack of selection limit your ability to find the highest quality left-handed golf clubs. Our selection of golf clubs for lefties guarantees you will not have to settle for a club that is not ideal for your playing style. We offer left-handed versions of putters, drivers, fairway woods, chippers, hybrids, wedges, irons, and complete sets. Our pre-owned left-handed clubs and competitive pricing will help you get more of the specialized golf equipment you need.

Left-Handed Golf Club FAQ

Are left-handed clubs and right-handed clubs essentially the same?

left-handed, lefties, golf clubs imageLeft and right-handed clubs are essentially the same with just a few differences. Typically, the club shaft and grips are identical for lefties and righties. But left-handed golf clubs are made for left-handed golfers. So the hosel, or top of the head, is angled to the left instead of the right.

However, putter shafts may be angled. So putters for lefties can differ even more than their right-handed counterparts.

What is one challenge left-handed players have traditionally faced in purchasing equipment?

Not all brands have offered as much equipment for left-handed players as for right-handed players.

Why is there less availability of left-handed clubs than right-handed versions?

There are considerably fewer left-handed golfers than right-handed golfers, meaning there is not as much demand.

Do left-handed golf clubs cost considerably more than right-handed clubs?

No, you will find that left-handed clubs are comparable in price to those for right-handed clubs. An example is the left-handed Odyssey Triple Track Putter 2-Ball. You will see that similar right-handed versions from Odyssey are the same or very close in price.

What is one primary consideration to keep in mind when shopping for left-handed clubs?

A large selection of name-brand left-handed clubs is essential to ensure you get the club ideal for your playing style. We carry a wide variety of name-brand left-handed golf clubs as a large specialty golf retailer.

What is one way you can save on name-brand left-handed clubs?

Pre-owned left-handed golf clubs allow you to purchase quality name-brand clubs for less.

How can you be sure that left-handed golf clubs are still in playable condition?

Our pre-owned left-handed clubs are reviewed, graded, and pre-classified by quality, so you know exactly what you are getting.

What are some other ways you can save on left-handed clubs?

To ensure you get the best price around, we offer a golf club trade-in program for your old clubs as well as a price match guarantee!

Customer Reviews

By Ralph
Johnstown, Ohio
November 29th, 2021
4H 22 degree for lefty - LOVE IT!
The Cobra Golf F-Max Hybrid is my first hybrid club and I fell in love with it. I began hitting it well right out of the bag without any break-in or adjustments. I hit this 22 degree laser straight most of the time with high flight and get it about 170 to 180 yds - won several skins in a league this year with birdies on par 3's. Coming from a 17 HCP that hits driver about 225, and a PW about 120. avoids fades & slices, smooth swing feel, a good pop off the face
By Rodney
September 25th, 2021
Exactly as advertised
Left handed clubs are difficult to find, so after checking two local retail golf shops, I searched on Rock Bottom Golf. Found the exact club I was looking for and have already used it on course. Love the Honma TW XP-1 Hybrid and my golfing buddy even commented on it.
By Clifford I.
Ontario, CA
September 9th, 2021
very good look and with balance
The Odyssey White Hot OG Left Handed Putter #7 is more refined than the older model. Harder to swing offline. I thought it was coming with the red balanced shaft as indicated but I'm happy with the steel. I felt that the USPO should have left the putter laying down at the front door and at least ring the door bell for an item of this value. So far I'm very happy with the performance of this putter.
By Jasper S.
July 14th, 2020
Ray Cook Golf LH Sliver Ray 3-Wedge Set (Left Handed)
Must say these wedges are well worth the price great clubs
June 20th, 2020
great left-handed hybrid
As a left handed golfer, it is difficult to find clubs to try before you buy. I was looking for a good 6 hybrid--found it. It worked so well, I also bought the 5 and 4 hybrids. I've only had the Tour Edge Hot Launch HL4 Hybrid for a month and I have more confidence in these than any other club in my bag, except for my PW. great forgiveness and great price