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TV Mounting Tips: Should I Mount a TV Myself or Do I Call the Professionals?

TV Mounting Tips

After all that time spent researching, shopping, and hoping, you and your family have bought the TV of your dreams. The screen is as big as you want it to be and the image quality is spectacular. But, before you start setting it up, are you really sure you want to put the TV up on your own? If not, here are our top recommendations and advice of how to choose to hire professionals for TV mounting vs completing the task yourself.

TV mounting on your own can be a hassle. Trying to figure out the hardware, lifting and steadying the TV when it is being mounted, and getting it just right has its challenges. Buying a new TV is already a big investment, but if you want more than your TV hung up with the wires exposed, you might want to consider hiring a professional. The TV’s wires are an important point. If you would like them hidden, you will have to invest in flat-wire technology, or consider running them into the wall. Attempting to put the wires in the wall can cause costly damages if you attempt this without the proper expertise.

To begin, how would you like the TV mounting to go? Would you like assistance in a basic mount; or, would you like a service that goes the extra mile to not only mount your TV on the wall, but to hide the wires as well? If you would like the wires to be hidden, look for a professional contractor who can handle the electrical and carpentry. You will want to look for a contractor who is licensed and certified as well. Take a look at their website, social media, or LinkedIn to read some reviews. Second, call the company to request references from previous customers.

Remember that a job of any size can have an estimate done! Schedule an estimate with the craftsmen you might hire, contact our team here, to discuss price and what you would like to be done. You will want a professional who will make your experience hassle-free and who communicates puts your needs first.

Once you know how you would like your TV mounting to go, you’ll be ready to call Handyman Connection. Our highly trained and professional craftsmen are experts in mounting TVs and other home repair and home maintenance services. Hiring a professional can save you from the hassle and additional expenses of incorrectly mounting a TV.

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